The Best Movie Drinking Games to Play at Your Next Party

Ever wonder what the best movie drinking games are? Well, if you are planning a night at home with your friends, it’s almost essential that you choose the best movie drinking games to have fun. After all, a night of drinking is supposed to be enjoyable and fun for everyone. In fact, it’s critical that you and your friends have a good time together. So, what are some of the best movie drinking games

The best movie drinking games start when you decide to go out to a favorite restaurant. You can either order appetizers or decide to make your own appetizers. Either way is fine. Just remember to order a glass of wine and just sit back to watch the movie.

Another popular choice for the best movie drinking games involves a game called “Guess What’s in the Bag.” There are two people that are sitting in a circle. One person starts by pulling one out of his or her pocket and then asking him or her to guess what is in the other person’s bag. So, if someone says, “A bottle of Gucci,” then the other person has to drink something from the other person’s bag. The person that guesses right gets to drink.

“Guess What’s in the Snow Day” is another one of the best movie drinking games. This is a snow day drinking game where you tell stories to the other person. For example, you can tell the other person that last time you threw your fishing line into the lake, it hit a kid in the head. The child was paralyzed and cannot move in that area anymore. The person that guesses right gets to drink and the other person has to go get a paper and sign it.

The most popular of the drinking games is probably “Guess What’s in the Penis.” This is probably the most classic game there is. You have two people that need to guess what something is and place their hands together. One player is blindfolded and the other player knows what is in his/her hand. The blindfolded player needs to guess what is in the other player’s hand by touching the tip of the player’s index finger and thumb together.

There are many other movie drinking games that you can play including pool, air hockey,

Scrabble, blackjack, bingo, etc. If you are in Las Vegas, you can even gamble with the crew from Jurassic Park. They love to play these types of movies because they are so entertaining. Plus, there are many people that enjoy Jurassic Park drinking games. So, if you go to Las Vegas, you might as well have some fun by playing these trivia games.

The first one of the trivia games that we are going to look at was called “Cock fighting”. This was an action/adventure type of drinking game. Two or more individuals are going to sit in a circle and knock each other on their back with their knees. The winner is the one that knocks down his opponent. It was probably inspired by the boxing match between Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali in the mid 90’s. Although, it should be said that the Le Bron James vs. Prince Canute drinking game is probably the most famous one at the moment.

Another fun game that you can play is called “Sing it Loud,” which was made famous by the Britney Spears song. Two or more individuals are going to sit in a circle and clap, sing, and trade times with each other. The person that completes the longest song will get the prize. Hopefully these movie drinking games will provide some entertainment for you while you are hosting your next movie night.

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