The Best Master System Games

The Nintendo Game Cube is one of today’s best master system games. While it wasn’t even the top video game console of the eighties, it has a lot to offer us today. We can play games that we remember from when we were children. We can have classic games remixed for modern times.

However, what makes the Game Cube different from other video gaming systems is that it has two different video gaming screens. Each player has their own little private screen. There are even dedicated game pads built right into the console. The great thing about this is that you can play the games with a friend without ever having to leave your couch. This can be a great way to bring people together and play some fun games together.

One of my favorite things about the Game Cube is that we can download thousands of classic games to it. There are some games that we simply love to play. We always feel like we are at an advantage when we have more than one game. For instance, when we have the Super Mario World game cartridge with us, we are ready to take on any challenge that comes our way.

We are all familiar with some of the classic games that are available on the Game Cube. We all know that the first two that we mentioned are the Mario and Sonic games. We know that they are the best out there. The question then becomes which of these two are you going to be playing most of the time?

Well, if you want to spend the majority of your time playing these two you might want to try the first one. It’s called Super Mario World. You will be up against the green-colored green mushroom people who use fireballs and swings from the bottom to the top. This is definitely one of the hardest levels in the game. You should have a good amount of practice on this game before trying the next level. It gets harder the deeper you go in.

If you want to get a good challenge from the second game, you should consider playing Sonic the Hedgehog. It takes you on a journey through different stages filled with all kinds of treasures that will help you in the later part of the game. One of the things that make Sonic so great is that he can react to any situation. When you beat the bosses of each stage you will be given a goal which will help you to continue playing until you beat all the other enemies.

For many parents, one of their biggest complaints is that kids are too active in playing games that they should be watching. This is why Sonic and Tails are probably the best games for kids to play. They are one step ahead of the television game that they are watching. As a matter of fact, many of the Sonic games allow you to switch between the 2 characters so you are actually playing as Sonic and Tails.

The last two games that we are going to look at are Crazy Kong and Wario Land. These are both very entertaining games for kids to play and parents to enjoy as well. Each one is full of lots of little challenges for you to try and complete. The graphics are very nice and you will appreciate them as you play. Playing these games can really put your mind at ease if you happen to be one of those parents who worry about their children playing too much video games.

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